Whatever your Music PR/Press, Playlist Promotion, Video Promotion, Digital Advertising and Music Marketing Needs – It’s NPM!

NPM PR And Marketing (NPM) was established in 2001 and is a Full-Service Music PR/Media/Marketing/Artist Development Company. 

NPM helps artists gain visibility and awareness through multi-channel media campaigns. We specialize in artist development and the brand building process for new music artists, and we enhance the visibility of established artists.

We cut through the clutter in the music marketplace and help our clients rise above the “noise” by providing the artist with a network that lends credibility to their profile and puts them in front of millions of potential music consumers.

In addition, NPM seeks out opportunities and partnerships for artists to help generate revenue, monetize their assets, and extend their artist brand. 


PR & marketing

We offer fully-Integrated, multi-channel music marketing planning, budgeting, and execution solutions. Our services can offer song placement, music submissions, media pitching, and more.

Artist Development

NPM specializes in team building for projects, including partnering with industry experts in radio promotion, publicity, and production to customize a team to work your project across all spectrums of the music marketplace.


NPM is for anyone that wants help and guidance music career growth. Our passion is helping young artists succeed. We partner music & artists with companies outside the music business to reach their target consumers and enhance their brand.