Taking Your Music Career to The Next Level

Helping Build Your Path TO Success

NPM PR and Marketing (NPM) works with Entrepreneurs and Entertainment Investors, Record labels, Music Distribution companies, Artist Managers, Independent Artists, Music Publishing Companies, Music Supervisors, Producers of Film/TV and Video Games; Film/TV studios, Video Game and Consumer Product Companies.

NPM is for anyone that wants help and guidance in Public Relations/Press, marketing, selling digital music releases, and overall music career growth. We specialize in New Artist Development. We also partner music & artists with companies outside the music business to reach their target consumers and enhance their brand. 

Music PR & MArketing

– Fully-Integrated, Multi-Channel Music Marketing Planning, Budgeting, and Execution

– Interviews, Guest Hosting Slots, and Video Placement on syndicated Music Shows that are seen on Cable, Satellite, Local and Regional Broadcast TV across North America

– Audio and Video Music Placement with DJ pools, Radio Programming Pools, large consumer retail brands, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, national chain restaurants/fast food companies across North America and Fitness Clubs (Worldwide)

– Music submission to multiple Radio formats via Trade Magazines and Digital Delivery (additional fee required)

– Music submission to Advertising Agencies, Film & TV Production companies, Telecom and Video Game Companies for potential sync licensing placement  

– Product Management on a per project basis  

– Creation and implementation of Consumer & Retail Advertising campaigns 

Artist Development

– Team Building for Projects:  Partner with Radio Promotion, Publicity, and Production Experts to customize a complete team to work your project across all spectrums of the music marketplace.

– Artist Management and Career Guidance

*Offered to select clients only

– Tour Consultation and Tour Marketing, including Soundscan Venue Sales Program. 

*Must pre-qualify for Soundscan program; we are not a booking agency and do not book tours or tour dates.

Digital Services and Promotion

– Work with multiple distribution companies with various options for release.

– Online music placement, asset allocation, & marketing to DSP’s/Streaming Music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Deezer, LiveXLive, Tidal, Youtube Music, Tik Tok)  Portals, Online Radio, and Satellite Radio.

– Interview and review placements on blogs and major National Consumer and Music sites

– Digital Advertising Campaigns with Music Outlets

– Online Community Management and Fan Outreach through Social Media platforms

– Advice on putting together smart URLs, postings on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube

Partnership and Branding

– Pursue, negotiate and execute potential brand/product partnerships and sponsorships to raise visibility, awareness, and tour support for a band/artist. This would include cross promotions & contests, and product advertising tie-ins 

– Consumer Product Marketing campaigns with a Music Focus: Pairing music artists with brands

– Sales & Marketing Liaison with Independent and Major Distribution companies (music specific); Marketing/Sales to Digital Music Retail