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Artist Development & Brand Building for New Music Artists
Enhancing Visibility of Established Artists

No Problem! PR & Marketing (NP!M) works with Entrepreneurs and Entertainment Investors, Record labels, Music Distribution companies, Artist Managers, Independent Artists, Music Publishing Companies, Music Supervisors, Producers of Film/TV and Video Games; Film/TV studios, Video Game and Consumer Product Companies.


NP!M is for anyone that wants help and guidance in Public Relations/Press, marketing, selling digital music releases and overall music career growth. We specialize in New Artist Development. We also partner music & artists with companies outside the music business to reach their target consumer and enhance their brand. 

Music PR & Marketing​


- Fully-Integrated, Multi-Channel Music Marketing Planning, Budgeting, and Execution


- Interviews, Guest Hosting Slots, and Video Placement on syndicated Music Shows that are seen on Cable, Satellite, Local and Regional Broadcast TV across North America


- Audio and Video Music Placement with DJ pools, Radio Programming Pools, large consumer retail brands, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, national chain restaurants/fast food companies across North America and Fitness Clubs (Worldwide)


- Music submission to multiple Radio formats via Trade Magazines and Digital Delivery (additional fee required)


- Music submission to Advertising Agencies, Film & TV Production companies, Telecom and Video Game Companies for potential sync licensing placement  


- Product Management on a per project basis  


- Creation and implementation of Consumer & Retail Advertising campaigns 

Digital Services & Promotion


- Work with multiple distribution companies with various options for release.


- Online music placement, asset allocation, & marketing to DSP's/Streaming Music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Deezer, LiveXLive, Tidal, Youtube Music)  Portals, Online Radio, and Satellite Radio.


- Interview and review placements on blogs and major National Consumer and Music sites


- Online Community Management and Fan Outreach through Social Media platforms


– Advice on putting together smart URLs, postings on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube


Artist Developmen​t


- Team Building for Projects:  Partner with Radio Promotion, Publicity, and Production Experts to customize a complete team to work your project across all spectrums of the music marketplace.


- Artist Management and Career Guidance

*Offered to select clients only


- Tour Consultation and Tour Marketing, including Soundscan Venue Sales Program. 

*Must pre-qualify for Soundscan program; we are not a booking agency and do not book tours or tour dates.




Partnerships & Branding​


- Pursue, negotiate and execute potential brand/product partnerships and sponsorships to raise visibility, awareness, and tour support for a band/artist. This would include cross promotions & contests, and product advertising tie-ins 


- Consumer Product Marketing campaigns with a Music Focus: Pairing music artists with brands


- Sales & Marketing Liaison with Independent and Major Distribution companies (music specific); Marketing/Sales to Digital Music Retail 


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